Sunday, 6 January 2019

2018 Wardrobe Post

Hello bats, and welcome to my wardrobe post! This is my first time participating in this time-honoured EGL tradition. It's difficult to take photos indoors in winter where I live, so please excuse the questionable image quality. I'm finally at a place where I'm pretty happy with my current wardrobe and I'm eager to start diversifying what I have a little bit.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Rescuing a Cursed Blouse

Hi bats! Today I'll be restoring possibly the most heinous, disgusting blouse I've ever had the misfortune of seeing. The tragic backstory is that my best friend bought a Moitié blouse from someone on Facebook in supposedly "good condition" and received...well, this smelly yellowed nightmare. The pictures speak for themselves. It's too gross to put on my fluffy blanket for photos, so on the floor it goes. Beware: cursed images ahead.

This blouse needs an exorcism, stat!
It looks like they tried to button the blouse while their hands were covered in poo and then smeared it all on the collar for good measure.
As you can see, this blouse is in a terrible state. Firstly, it's absolutely filthy. It's straight up greyish yellow when it should be white, and all of the lace is completely yellowed. There are YELLOW pit stains (I'm praying that it's just old deodorant and this person doesn't actually have yellow sweat); makeup in varying shades of brown, black, and red all over the sleeves; a couple of mysterious black stains; and a lovely brown ring around the neck. All of the buttonholes are also stained brown for some reason. Surprisingly, it doesn't smell (much).

Aside from the filth, it's damaged. Every single seam was stretched to bursting on both the front and back, so the blouse has lost its shape and has some small holes. All of the buttons are on the verge of falling off, and the buttonholes are misshapen because whoever was wearing strained them to the max. The elastics on the sleeves are on the way out, too.

The first thing I did was soak it in Resolve in-wash stain remover for about 3 hours in a bucket of hot water. I know you're supposed to mix detergent with it, but I was just too lazy to go all the way to the laundry room in the basement, and I was also curious to see what would happen. Actually, it worked pretty well. The whole blouse is a few shades whiter and many of the darkest stains are gone or significantly faded. The pit stains and makeup are mostly gone, but the lace is still somewhat yellowed.

Already looking a LOT better!
The next thing I did was soak it in hot water, Sunlight laundry detergent, and the same Resolve in-wash stain remover for about an hour before handwashing it in the mixture. Me being me I splashed myself with it and got a lovely red rash on my arm, so this had better be worth it. I tossed it in the washing machine on gentle for good measure.

Aaaaand...success! The blouse is so clean and pretty now, with not even a hint of staining. Smells way better too. All I need to do is reattach all the buttons and possibly replace the elastics. The evil has been defeated.
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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Review: St. Peter's Cross Lace OTKs (Re-release Version) and M+CROIX Lace Hair Clip

Hello bats! Today I'm going to be reviewing a few of the new products available from Moi-même-Moitié: a re-release of the St. Peter's Cross Lace OTKs (4536 yen/$54 CDN) from and the new M+CROIX Lace Hair Clip (5940 yen/$71 CDN). People have been waiting for Moitié to release new lace-topped OTKs for several years now, so this was a very highly anticipated release. I actually woke up early to grab them right at the release (2AM local time, oof) only to realize that they must have had a huge amount of stock because not a single colourway sold out. I purchased 4 of the 5 colourways: black x black, black x white, black x navy, and white x white. There was a bloodbath for the headdresses, though. I planned on buying all of the colourways, but everything sold out within seconds, so I only managed to get the white one.
St. Peter's Cross Lace OTKs
M+CROIX Lace Hair Clip
I'm a bit late to the game with my review because there was a postal strike, so I didn't receive my order until last weekend. I did see a few unboxings and reviews on Instagram so I knew what to expect - unfortunately, people's initial impressions ranged from mixed to negative, and sadly I'll have to echo that sentiment. I say sadly, but I'm actually pretty annoyed, so read on...

I purchased the items from Tenso via Wunderwelt. As usual, Wunderwelt provided a very good purchasing experience and my items arrived very quickly to my Tenso warehouse. No complaints about their service. Not much else to say here, so let's move along.

Thank you for your valuable contribution, Z.

St. Peter's Cross Lace OTKs

I didn't pick up the white x blue colourway.
White x White
Black x Blue
Black x Black

Black x White

Upon first impression the socks don't differ significantly from the original release from 2006: lace-topped OTKs with an unfinished tulle edge and a satin ribbon decoration on the side. The sock material is the same stretchy, sturdy fabric that they've used previously for their lace-topped OTKs. These ones feel pretty tight and the elastic is very snappy, but I'm not sure if that's because they're brand new or because they're actually smaller. Either way, they will definitely feel tight on someone with bigger calves. They fit me very snugly.

The socks are trimmed with the new run of the St. Peter's Cross lace design. Many people were disappointed with the quality of the lace compared to previous releases, and I have to agree. It looks really good from a distance, but it isn't quite on par with the custom lace on other Moitié socks and accessories. Unfortunately I don't have any older pieces with the St. Peter's Cross lace design to give a direct comparison, but when I looked at my older pieces with different designs (Cross Arch, Scalloped Rose, Holy Cross) the difference in quality is apparent. The embroidery thread on the new lace isn't as thick, and the netting is a little bit stiffer. There are a lot of small gaps and inconsistencies in the embroidery that are especially obvious in the more contrasting colourways. They aren't terrible by any means, but these socks cost a bit more than their predecessors and yet have worse lace, so...hmm.

I'm not terrible bothered - nobody is going around feeling up socks to see how soft and thick the lace is, and the little messy parts aren't visible unless you're examining them closely. But given the price of the socks and the quality of my other Moitié socks, I was expecting the lace to be better. I heard that Moitié has finally found a new lace manufacturer (they were looking for a factory to produce custom lace for a long time, and seemed to be surviving off of old scraps and samples they had left over) and maybe they're still working out the issues...? If you're really particular about the lace, the black x black and white x white colourways have the least amount of contrast and look the best at all distances.

I also noticed was that they're shorter than the other Moitié OTKs that I have. Most of them come up a few cm over the top of my knees whereas these ones land right at the top of my knees without any room to spare. I have pretty long legs for my height, but I'm still only 155 cm tall (5'1") so these socks might be more like knee socks on a taller person. This doesn't bother me because I really like the look of lace tights or fishnets underneath my socks, and this allows them to show below the hem of my skirt.

The elastic lands right along the top of my kneecaps, so they want to roll down a bit.
Overall, I'm more-or-less happy with these even though I think they're a little bit lower quality than I would expect from the brand.

M+CROIX Lace Hair Clip

AAAAAA he's beautiful!!
Look at all that soft, fluffy lace!! The roses are silky, but stiff enough that they hold their shape well.
The M+CROIX Lace Hair Clip features a bundle of roses on a canotier made of layered Cross Arch and Holy Cross lace. The back has a pin as well as a hair clip so it could be worn as a giant brooch, since it's about as large as my outstretched hand. The roses are attached on wires sewn into the lace, so they can be moved around a little bit. There's also a tiny gold cross peeking out from underneath the roses, which is beautifully detailed and heavy. The lace is soft and thick, on par with my older pieces that have the same lace designs, so they must have used old leftovers to make these headdresses. The item page says that they were handmade by the brand staff, which made me oddly happy and gave me a cute mental image of a bunch of gothic lolitas meticulously sewing in a candelit room together.

I'd been looking for a white Moitie canotier for a long time, so I was excited to get my hands on this. Key word being was. Last night I was at a concert - Ghost was playing at the Sony Centre, which was an absolutely amazing experience! - and while I was filming it my MMM phone case broke apart and I nearly dropped my phone onto the concrete floor. This is the phone case I bought in September at Eternal Twilight, so it's not even 3 months old at this point. The glue that holds the phone in the case is dried up in places and the sliding clip is messed up and won't slide properly anymore. I have to be careful or it launches the phone right out of the case. I barely used the slide feature at all, so I have no idea how it even broke.

Anyway, I was telling this story to a friend the next day while showing her the M+CROIX hair clip as I was getting ready to leave, and she joked that the hair clip was going to be the next thing to break. Lo and behold, the hair clip broke off 2 hours later, upon my very first time wearing the damn thing.

The clip is just hot glued straight onto the lace. I'm afraid to pull the glob of glue off because I have no idea if the gathers in the lace are held together by the glue or if they're actually stitched together. I'm just glad I was indoors so it fell into my lap instead of onto the dirty street. I can easily fix it myself, but it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Am I being dramatic about such a small flaw? Maybe a little bit, but this is just poorly designed. A headdress this big should be secured by something sturdier! Even a small piece of fabric or felt to stitch a clip or comb to could have worked well.

Moitié's quality has historically been a cut above other brands. Some of my pieces are between 10 and 15 years old and still look great despite hard wear - I'm far from the first owner for most of my stuff, and I wear my dresses to  nightclubs, metal concerts, punk shows, work, and all sorts of places that are pretty hard on your clothes. I know that they know how to make stuff that lasts.

I think WW needs to slow their roll a bit and concentrate on maintaining Moitié's reputation for high quality and attention to detail. They've been pumping out items at a faster and faster rate, but if this is any indication of what their quality is going to be like in the future, I'm not sure that I'd feel comfortable purchasing anything else. And as a devoted Moitié fan, that breaks my heart. If I couldn't wear Moitié, I don't know if I'd even want to be a lolita anymore. I'm going to write to WW to let them know that myself and many other people have been having issues with their new items and that we're deeply concerned for the reputation and future of Moitié.

I usually score my reviews out of 5, but I'm just...I dunno. I'm at a loss for words for once in my life, haha.

Stay spooky,
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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Visiting the Teddy Story Cafe

My friend Kaitlynn (@fawndolly) decided to spend a day downtown together! She lives in a nearby city, so it's always a bit of an adventure for her to visit me in Toronto. We visted Teddy Story, which, as far as I know, is the only teddy-themed cafe in the city. 

Kaitlynn outside of Teddy Story. It's actually way bigger inside than it appears!
The cute menu!
In addition to coffee, tea, and cute desserts, they sell absolutely adorable collectable teddy bears from the Thai brand Teddy House. We visited before Halloween, but we were greeted by a Christmas-themed bear.

Barrels of bears! Look at all the cute tiny clothing!
Tiny bee bears!
After taking about a billion photos, we decided to have cake and coffee. I had the strawberry shortcake cappuccino and a slice of Godiva chocolate cheesecake while Kaitlynn ordered the rose milk tea with a truffle royal mousse cake. The seating area was very small, so it felt a bit crowded as there were a few couples inside the cafe with us. Once they left, it felt intimate and cozy. There was an old cartoon (Corduroy Bear or Teddy Ruxpin, maybe? I can't remember) displayed with a projector on the wall, with soft classical music playing.

They had a great variety of cakes and sweets, but the menu was pretty light on the savories.
Kinda want these chairs and tables for my patio.
Teddy bear latte art.
The cheesecake slice was deceptively big. I skipped lunch.

The cheesecake was rich and heavy, just how I like it. It was so delicious! The strawberry shortcake cappuccino didn't really taste very strawberry-y, but it definitely had a sweet and milky flavour compared to your typical cappuccino. I was really pleased with the food, and it was quite reasonably priced given the downtown location and the generous size of the slice.

After stuffing ourselves we decided to take a few coordinate shots, and then we wandered around downtown for a bit before doing some shopping in the Eaton Centre, also known as the seventh level of retail hell.

Kaitlynn wearing AP Daydream Bed.
Me wearing MMM Falling Cross. I look tired and beat to hell because I was!

I hope you enjoyed this mini-post! I'd like to keep posting blog entries about my tiny casual meets, so stay tuned for more.

Stay spooky!

Friday, 21 September 2018

Eternal Twilight (Hellocon 2018) Trip Report: Day 1

Hello bats! I've just returned from the airport and I'm trapped in bed with an awful cold and a stomach bug, so I figure now is as good a time as any to write up my trip report. As many of you probably already know, my friends and I flew to Finland for Eternal Twilight (Hellocon 2018), an annual lolita event held in Helsinki.

I was hoping to attend the Moitié tea party and model at Sakuracon in Seattle earlier this year, but I wasn't able to make I jumped at the chance to go to Eternal Twilight when it was announced that Moitié would be their special guest. I survived the ticket bloodbath and snagged a VIP ticket that would allow me to meet Mana, and I was also chosen to model for the Moitié fashion show and for Puvithel in the indie fashion show.

This was my first time attending a large, exclusively lolita event, and it was also my first time in Europe. Actually, it was my first time taking a major trip without a family member...I've gone on trips to other provinces or to the USA by myself, but never overseas. It was a bit stressful, but everything went pretty smoothly!

Opening Ceremony Mana Q&A

Instead of getting a paper ticket or plastic card pass, we got a cute Mana pinback button as a ticket. Different ticket tiers had different Mana portraits - I wish I could have grabbed the other ones! The blue pin was for VIP ticket holders. VIPs also got a tote bag with some stickers and flyers inside.

The bat clips are mine, and the Gothic Arch clear file is from another event.
They got his resting bitch face down pat.
The programming of the day began with a Q&A with Mana and his staff. The questions were not very spicy. A lot of it was kind of stuff we've heard many times before - "what inspires you?" "Why do you like blue?" etc. The highlight of the Q&A was actually a special surprise - since Mana doesn't speak, Kamijo was invited to recite Mana's answers instead! He kept making the Japanese equivalent of dad jokes and hearing him say "Kawaii!" was precious. Sadly, I had to take off halfway through the Mana Q&A to get ready for the fashion show.

Mana Q&A session. Mana is wearing Demonia Stacks, haha! Taken from the MMM official twitter.

Moi-même-Moitié Fashion Show

During the first model fitting on Friday, Mana himself showed up! He kept to himself in the corner, staying on his phone and talking to his staff quietly. He was wearing his "casual disguise" (hat and sunglasses) and was probably pretty tired and jet-lagged, like us. I was so surprised to hear his real voice! It didn't sound like I imagined it would - I always imagined it would be one of those super dramatic, resonating voices for some reason but it was actually more high-pitched and slightly a very normal Japanese male voice, pretty much. It was very cute.

I remember one of the Wunderwelt staff telling me that normally they wouldn't put someone in a dress they already own, but they really wanted me to wear white, so I was chosen to wear the short version of the new Cross OP in white. I'm happy I got a light and comfy dress since it was very hot backstage...some of the poor girls were wearing long-sleeved blouses under OPs with wigs.  Mana was present during the backstage preparations, which made us all a little bit nervous!

For styling, I was asked to do my makeup in light gold with blue accents like a "messenger from God" (how fitting for a heathen like me!) and to put my natural hair in twintails. I used ABH Modern Renaissance eyeshadows, Nyx's Pinched blush, and Sephora's Lip Creme in Marvellous Mauve.
The accessories I got to wear were pretty awesome. Rose Cross Original Lace Headdress and the matching Rose Cross Original Lace Choker, both from 2007. I've been wanting this headdress for a long time but I've never seen it in person. As you can see, it's absolutely massive, even on my big head. I also wore the Holy Cross Lace Up OTKs, which I desperately want and will probably never touch again. Haha~

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos/videos during the Moitié fashion show (we were allowed to take photos from backstage and post them on Instagram, so check the #eternaltwilight tag!). We were pulled aside afterwards to take individual shots of the outfits, so I'm sure that they will release some more official photos/videos at some point.

The runway was shaped like a cross and decorated with crosses and bats.

All of the models lined up on the blue cross stage, with Mana at the centre. Taken from the MMM official Twitter.
Posing in Paasitorni's stairway after the fashion show with Mana! Taken from the MMM official Twitter.
We got a sneak peek at 3 new releases during the fashion show. Firstly, we have two new colourways of Sleeping Garden, which will be available in a long and short version. The first colourway is a pinky-orange to purple gradient, and the second colourway is green. It has been officially confirmed by WW staff but no official photos have been released yet. It was really exciting to see them in person. The green blouse with the frilled collar/jabot worn by Mana is also a new item that will be available soon.

I also hope that because Silent Moon was included in the fashion show that they're hinting at a re-release, maybe? Possibly? I'm trying to collect every cut and colourway. Right now I only have black x gold and black x blue so I would basically die of happiness if this were the case!

Update: Apparently when someone asked if they could buy one of the Silent Moon dresses from the fashion show, staff indicated that a re-release of Silent Moon is in the works. My prayers have been answered!

Overall, the fashion show was exhausting but rewarding. I hope Mana was happy and proud to see all of the models looking beautiful in full Moitié. I was so excited to see that a lot of the models were girls that I follow on Instagram, and everyone made friends quite quickly after the initial shyness wore off. ❤

Indie Designer Fashion Show

After the Moitié fashion show I had about 20 minutes before I had to rush backstage again and change into my outfit for Puvithel. There were tons of designers in the indie show so everything was very last minute. Some of the designers present included I Do Declare, Cloudberry Lady, Lady Sloth, Miss Danger, Advent, and Li Paro.

Unfortunately I don't have clear photos of the fashion show, so I hope this video gives you guys a good idea - thanks to FreakyAngel for compiling the video! Click here or go to 11:43 to skip ahead to the fashion show. You can see how I completely fucked up the timing at the end of the Puvithel walk and turn around like an idiot. This was my first time modelling so I was a little bit (read: terribly) nervous as we didn't have much chance to practice.

I really like Puvithel's designs.She is really creative and I love how she pulls off decora, menhera, and lolita so well! I modelled her Slaughterhouse JSK in white. She also made the beautiful iridescent pink heart necklace and waist chain in my outfit!

Ending Ceremony and Mana Meet and Greet

At the end of the fashion I finally had a chance to rejoin my friends and sit to watch the tail end of the programming but I was totally exhausted since I hadn't eaten all day and my allergy meds were kicking in hard. I ended up drifting in and out of sleep during most of this part, basically only waking up to sneeze...damn Finnish trees!

The host announced that there were two coordinate contests. The first contest was for whoever's coordinate photo posted in front of the Wunderwelt backdrop got the most likes on Alice Holic app. and the second contest was for the best Moitié coordinate, as chosen by Mana himself. Some random person on Alice Holic who wasn't even at the event used the #hellocon #eternaltwilight tags in her photos...? It was pretty funny, so they gave the prize to the person with the second-most likes who was an actual attendee.

They then announed that they'd be choosing the winner for the Moitié coordinate contest shortly. A few moments later one of the organizers (I think it was the Swedish Kawaii Ambassador?) grabbed me by the hand, totally waking me out of my half-asleep state, and led me onto the stage to announce that I had won!

The face of internal panic.
My face was pretty stoic but in my mind I was like "aaaaaaAAAAAAAAA" while simultaneously trying not to sneeze/faint/die from excitement. I was kinda dazed at this point so I don't remember exactly they all said about my coordinate, but apparently Mana and the WW staff liked that I had coordinated some iconic Moitié looks together such as the black x blue, lace-up socks, Iron Gate, and curly twintails, and that my coord embodied the spirit of Moitié. It made my heart felt so warm ❤ The prize I won from the coordinate contest was pretty amazing! I won the Jewel Cross necklace in black, a phone strap with Moitie's signature silver cross and crystal beads, and a signed copy of the original catalogue.

Me with my prize from the coordinate contest! I was also carrying my black bat handbag, but it's not in this photo.
Headdress: Moi-même-Moitié and Antique Beast
Blouse: Moi-même-Moitié
JSK: Moi-même-Moitié 
Corset: Sheglit
Socks: Moi-même-Moitié
Brooch: Custom Bara No Seidou brooch from Dream Cathedral
Jewellery: Moi-même-Moitié and offbrand

The highlight of this event was definitely getting to meet Mana in person! My friends and I all had VIP tickets so we got to go in ahead of the raffle ticket winners. We lined up outside of a small room and waited to be called in. Once it was my turn, the WW staff member gestured me inside and closed the door.

Mana was standing inside of the small room. Of course, he did not talk, but he took my hands very firmly in his and stared into my eyes very intensely. I was really anxious so I didn't have anything to say except "Thank you so much, Mana-sama!" like the awkward dork that I am. He the handed me a rose with a Moi-meme-Moitie ribbon tied around the stem (I immediately stabbed myself on the thorns because I'm dumb). His face was quite stoic the whole time, but he looked at me and gave me what I'd like to think was an approving nod, and he seemed to like my Bara No Seidou pin as well.

Everyone who had a VIP ticket or winning raffle ticket received a rose and a signed photo. You could bring other items for him to sign, so I asked for him to sign the cover of my Magnifique photo book. I had been debating between bringing a copy of GLB #1 or the book, but I was worried about the magazine getting squashed in my luggage, so Magnifique it was!

The spoils of war! My signed copy of Magnifique, signed catalogue, Jewel Cross pendant, phone strap, and rose.
I've never seen this phone strap before. Maybe it's a new item, or really old stock? They don't have a whole lot of them.

A few interesting pages from the catalogue. Pajamas, an apron, bloomers, and jewellery!


I barely had time to browse the vendors because I was tied up with the 2 fashion shows back-to-back. Firstly, I picked up my preorder from Lady Sloth - the My Spooky Macarons OP in orange with the matching headbow. It's soft and lightweight, so not ideal for Halloween weather, but it's adorable and super comfy.

Lady Sloth My Spooky Macarons OP and matching headbow
Look at the cute ghost kitty necklace it came with!
Puvithel was kind enough to give me a goodie bag as a thank you for modelling!

Inside the zippered pouch were some cute pins, an iron-on patch, and these awesome syringe pens. I also bought the rose ring from her booth.
I also stopped by the Moitié booth and ended up grabbing the Alchemy phone case. Most of the items that they had for sale were things I already owned or didn't find too interesting, but I still wanted to get something from them.

The phone strap looks cute with the case! It juuuust barely fits my OnePlus.
Lastly, I grabbed a few small accessories: Metamorphose Fluttering Ribbon Lace OTKs, a black and gold headdress from Sweet Mildred, and a zippered pouch from Eat Me Ink Me.

I finally have a proper black x gold headdress after being in the fashion for...4 years now?
After the event wrapped up, people started heading out for the Kamijo concert and meet and greet planned for later that evening. I didn't get tickets because I'd already seen Versailles back home in Toronto pretty recently (I also ran into the band in a restaurant after the concert and got to talk to them a little bit, which was awesome!). In retrospect, I'm really glad I didn't go because I was so exhausted that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it very much. Instead we got into comfy clothes and went to an Italian restaurant near our hotel, where we ran into Mana's entourage! He eats really slowly. It's precious.

That just about sums up my report on Day 1 of Eternal Twilight! I'll be back soon with a post about the Shakespearean Night tea party and the rest of my Finland escapades. Maybe after I recover...

Friday, 16 February 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: Preferences for Solids or Prints - What Draws Your Favor & Why

Hello bats! For today's Lolita Blog Carnival I'll be discussing my thoughts on solids vs. prints.

Even though a huge chunk of my wardrobe is made up of prints (I'm a slut for black x navy prints), I'm gonna have to vote for Team Solid. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons...

A few of my favourite coordinates with solid dresses.
1) Solids are perfect for daily wear.

Solids are easy to wear on a daily basis because they're way easier to camouflage as normie wear - a plain black OP wouldn't attract nearly as much attention as something like Milky Planet. You don't need to worry about matching accessories to the colours in the print, since you can match them with nearly anything and call it a day. Solids are so easy to coordinate, and so versatile in that you can pair them with plain or printed accessories in much wider range of colours.

The best part - if you throw them in the wash, you don't have to worry so much about bleeding colours or melting screen prints! Nothing sadder than watching Berry Bunny turn into Bloody Bunny because you forgot your colour catcher sheet.

2) Solids are accessible.

Solids are plentiful and cheap - in the age of prints, the value of a lot of solid dresses has decreased significantly. It's easy to find perfectly wearable dresses in good condition for $100 or less, especially on Japanese auction sites. This makes solid dresses a great option for anyone who is looking to pad out a wardrobe with more "wearable" everyday pieces, or for newbies who aren't fully confident in their ability to coordinate.

One of the most painful things about lolita fashion is waiting months (if not years) for a rare print series to come up for sale. While some solid dresses are extremely hard to find, especially if they're old, very few are as sought after as the holy grail print dresses, and rarely command ridiculously high prices. Even pricier brands like Atelier Boz and Moitie tend to hover around retail or lower for their solid dresses.

3) Solids showcase good design.

I think solids allow the craftsmanship, design, and creativity to shine. It's easy to create a great illustration (well, it's not - but you know what I'm getting at) and slap it on a boring dress and call it a day. Creating a visually interesting, creative dress without using prints is a little trickier since designers have to rely on arranging generic detailing like ruffles, pintucks, etc. in a unique way. Playing with different textures, transclucent fabrics, asymmetry, layering, removable parts...there are lots of ways to make a dress interesting without using a print.

Atelier Boz's nun-inspired Giulietta OP in Black x Black. In my opinion, Atelier Boz, Sheglit, and Atelier Pierrot are the undisputed masters of beautiful, aesthetically pleasing solid dresses. (I'll give you Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene, and Innocent World if you're more of a classic fan.)
 I also wanted to share a few thoughts on prints...

Newbies to lolita may not know this, but early lolita was nowhere near as print-centric as it is right now. In the early-to-mid-2000s the overwhelming majority of dresses across all substyles were solids. Details were typically added with contrasting fabric and trims, appliques, and patterened or textured fabrics. Prints, if used at all, were usually simple border prints.

Mana wearing the Cross Print JSK - one of Moitie's (and lolita's) earliest and most iconic prints.
I think it's a bit strange that lolita has become so hyperfocused on prints to the point that people will buy a dress purely because of the print and not because of the fit, cut, or details...which are also important parts of lolita fashion. A lot of cheaper Taobao brands pump out cute, unique, well-drawn prints at a breakneck pace but take shortcuts with quality and overall design...essentially, slapping a cute print on a badly sewn, badly designed dress. Great concept, poor execution.

Don't take this as me hating on Taobao prints, or prints in general. I just frown when I see people focusing on a gimmicky print at the expense of...well, everything else. Prints aren't everything, and that's coming from someone who is desperately trying to collect every single cut and colourway of Silent Moon and Iron Gate.

It is what it is - there's a place for both solids and prints in lolita, and even if I sound salty about print supremacy...the truth is that I'm still a slut for prints and will continue to hoard favourites even though I mostly buy solids now.

Thank you for reading!

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