Friday, 29 January 2016

My Lolita Resolutions for 2016


(Whoops…I thought I queued this to post but I guess I didn’t. Welp.)

Hello bats, long time no post! I wanted to share a few of my new year’s resolutions for 2016. I have a few item reviews in the works right now, so hopefully this blog won’t be so empty in the coming year.Anyway - on to the resolutions. They aren't very original or exciting, but they're mine!

1. Experiment more with coordinates, especially with accessories and hair.
I feel like in recent years most lolitas have strayed away from experimenting and plain having fun with the fashion. While lolita does have strict rules, it’s still an alternative fashion with plenty of room for experimentation.

I feel like people get too riled up over people who are just playing with the boundaries of the style. At this point I’d rather be called ita or be made fun of than stop myself from having fun with the fashion, so…here’s to that! I’m 100% open to constructive criticism and advice, but I feel like the nitpicking is getting absolutely ridiculous.

Most of my coordinates are pretty samey, especially since I only wear black. Lately I’ve been experimenting more by using my natural hair in different styles, and incorporating some more aristocrat and western gothic elements to my coords. I’m going to keep experimenting and having fun with new looks!

2. Post more in my blog and on LJ.
I first got interested in lolita around 2005ish, when the LJ community was really taking off and blogs were starting to pop up everywhere. Fast forward to 2016 and that aspect of the scene is 99% dead thanks to Instagram and Youtube.

I’m really happy about how new social media has allowed lolitas to connect in more ways than ever before, but the level of connection is…more shallow, I guess? A lot of it is almost purely image-based with very little discussion or authentic interaction. They also don’t have the staying power of blogs. Blogs are usually just abandoned rather than purged.

Blogs are a wonderful time capsule, especially when it comes to fashion. You get to see what real people actually wore in their daily lives. Even if I eventually stop posting, I hope that it can be a little snapshot of what gothic lolitas were like at the time. I also recently got an amazing camera, so I really have no excuse.

Sometimes on a quiet afternoon I like to go way back in the EGL entries and read the old posts – some of them make me feel all warm and fuzzy and nostalgic, and some are straight up hilariously outdated.

3. Wear lolita more often.
I usually wear lolita once a week, maybe less. I can’t wear it to work since it isn’t allowed, and it’s not practical to wear it to uni either. I want to find a comfortable style that I can wear more often so all this stuff in my closet doesn’t go to waste.  I guess this is one way to make good use of a sad, deflated petti – casual coords.

That's about it for me - I like to keep things simple, otherwise I can't stick to them. What are your resolutions for the new year?