Friday, 19 August 2016

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita Influences On Your Daily Wardrobe Style

Hello bats! Today I have a short blog post for you about everyday fashion. I definitely want to do a longer writeup on my casual everyday fashion in the future. 

I’m not a daily lolita since my job doesn’t allow for it. I work in a tiny optical store, and having a big poofy skirt swishing around fragile glasses and hot tools is just asking for trouble. So my everyday style varies quite a lot depending on how I’m feeling,  and I can’t really pin it down to one label. My style is influenced by a pretty wide range of fashions – mainly rockabilly, romantic/trad goth, and strega. I’m also influenced by a lot of j-fashions – larme, rokku gyaru, menhera, and EGA. I’m that finding the older I get, the less I care about looking 100% recognizably ubergoth all the time. 

What do all of those styles have in common? Honestly, not a lot…but surprisingly, my wardrobe is surprisingly cohesive. No matter what the style, I’m often drawn to the same silhouettes, detailing, and colour palette. Since I started wearing lolita, I started choosing more clothing with lolita-esque detailing like corset lacing, ruffles, and quality lace. 

I wear my lolita blouses, cutsews, shoes, boleros, and bags frequently since they don’t look terribly out of place with most of my outfits. For instance, one of my favourite work outfits is a chiffon Moitié blouse with a black velvet pencil skirt, sheer black stockings, and gothic-looking pumps. I like to buy pieces that work with my daily wardrobe and with lolita so I can get more wear out of them. It seems like a huge waste of money/space to have tons of clothing that I don’t even wear regularly. 

I used to have a TON of outfit photos, but I broke my old phone and lost most of them. I tried to find a few examples! Most of these are pretty old and not the greatest outfits or examples, but they’re just for illustrative purposes.

I'm wearing my H.Naoto skirt, Innocent World bolero, and Moitié choker, socks, and cutsew. My friend is wearing Swankiss!

Bodyline shoes and Moitié bag.
Moitié bag and BPN OTKs.
Thanks for reading!

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