Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Gothic Lolita Soundtrack, Round 2!

I decided to make this into a recurring topic since I can babble on and on about music for hours. Last time, you met Lacrimosa, Stillste Stunde, Cross Vein, GPKISM, The Birthday Massacre, Lacroix Despheres, Rose Noir, Kaya, and Elend.

As before, I’m going to avoid mentioning the most commonly suggested artists like Malice Mizer and Kanon Wakeshima – not because I don’t love them, but because everyone has heard of them already. Also, a lot of these artists are French – just a heads up!

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Rasputina is quirky and unique – definitely one of my favourite bands. The lyrics often have unusual or historical themes. Many lolitas enjoy their sound, since they even performed at Rufflecon!

Recommended Songs: Transylvanian Concubine, Stumpside, Girls’ School,  Antique High Heel Red Doll Shoes

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The Eden House

 Refreshingly modern gothic-rock/post punk band with a lovely female vocalist. Like a softer, dreamier Fields of the Nephilim.

Recommended Songs: Hunger, Trashed Treasure 

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Switchblade Symphony

While their sound is a bit dated now, Switchblade Symphony is a hallmark of 90s goth music. They bring together darkwave, ethereal wave, and trip-hop in a wonderfully creepy and dreamy mix. Their later albums are much more industrial/trip-hop influenced, but the first album is a cult classicthat  would definitely appeal to many gothic lolitas.

Recommended Songs: Bad Trash, Dollhouse, Wallflower, Clown

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Artésia’s music is so relaxing. I like to go for long walks through the cemetery or woods while listening to them – it almost feels like walking through a movie scene (cliché, I know...). It’s instrumental dark, folky, ethereal music, sometimes with haunting female vocals. I would recommend Artésia to anyone who enjoys nature, faeries, or fantasy. You don’t need to understand French to enjoy their songs.

Recommended Songs:  Le Haut Bois, Lying on the Grey Foam, Eveil Et Deséspoir

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Emilie Autumn

Self-styled “Victoriandustrial” artist Emilie Autumn is adored by angsty teenage girls the world over for her asylum escapee persona and frilly costumes. Her music is an odd blend of industrial and neoclassical with dramatic fluttering vocals. She makes lots of references to Victorian-era literature and events, if you’re into that historical sort of flavour. Her discography up until Fight Like a Girl is pretty solid.Definitely a guilty pleasure. 

Recommended Songs: Castle Down, Misery Loves Company, Leech Jar, Rose Red

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Rule of Rose OST

Rule of Rose is a fairly disturbing survival horror game about creepy, psychotic little girls from an alternate world. Naturally, the music is melancholy, instrumental piano and violin music – not a cheerful soundtrack by any means. Sadly, most of the songs are pretty short.

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Cécile Corbel

Some more French music for you!I feel that Cécile Corbel’s music is appealing to all lolitas because her voice is so sweet and dreamy, but not overly saccharine and poppy. The string backing tracks are pleasant, too. 
Recommended Songs: Jardin Secret, Red Rose, Folia

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I hope you enjoy these recommendations! Until then, stay spooky and keep your eyes out for Round 3.

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