Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Review: MeLikesTea "Cotton Candy" Petticoat (PT06V)

Hello bats! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Me Likes Tea (MLT) Cotton Candy petticoat. I ordered the petticoat in black voile. It was part of a very large group order so it took several months to arrive, but I’m more than happy with Tai’s friendly service and patience!

I’ve never seen voile used to make petticoats before, so I was curious to try it out. Voile is a very soft, flowy, gauzy fabric similar to mosquito netting or chiffon, and it was used to make petticoats in the early 1900s. It has very little natural stiffness unlike tulle, so the volume of the petticoat comes from the layers of ruffles. Voile is usually cotton so it’s easy to clean, but this petti is made from polyester voile.

In my order I specified a waist of 60cm, a bit larger than my own waist because I can’t stop eating and there’s nothing worse than being strangled by your petticoat at a buffet. It is accurate and does fit a little loosely, as expected. The waist is elasticated with a drawstring, so it’s very comfortable and adjustable. The elastic does tend to slip down a bit when wearing a silky blouse. The petti is also 45 cm long with 5 layers of ruffled voile and a polyester lining, as advertised. It looks exactly like the stock photo, so I’m very pleased!

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: poof pictures! I’m going to be comparing the MLT petticoat to the pettis I already have. Honestly, it’s not going to be much of a competition since the other contenders are pretty shite.

First up we have my flat, deflated Bunny House Medium petticoat, henceforth referred to as BH. This petti lasted all of 3 months before it completely collapsed – even starching can’t stiffen it. It works fine for lightweight chiffon dresses, or for casual outfits. Anything heavier than chiffon and it just looks like I'm not wearing a petti at all.
Next we have the CP A-line petti. As you may already know, CP’s reputation is circling the drain with regards to quality control. My petti lasted about 5 wears before the top layer of ruffles literally tore in half. However, it’s still pretty poofy and stiff despite repeated wears. 

Lastly, I’ll be comparing it against the poofy, sweaty abomination that I’ve lovingly dubbed THE UBERPOOFER: layering the deflated BH bell on top with the CP A-line underneath.
I’m also going to include a photo of all 3 pettis stacked up, just because.

A CHALLENGER APPROACHES: Petticoat Army vs. Moi-même-Moitié Velveteen Scalloped Lace JSK
Click to enlarge!
This dress is an A-line cut, but I just wanted to see if the pettis were able to stand up to the weight of my heaviest dress.  As you can see, the poof of MLT petti is pretty much equal to THE UBERPOOFER which is quite impressive. It maintains a nice bell shape even under heavy velveteen. Under lightweight dresses, it creates a very exaggerated bell shape which would look wonderful in sweet coordinates. 

It also works well for layering if for some reason you want to wear multiple petticoats. I like the triple stack...it looks like I ate a sweet lolita and absorbed her powers.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this petticoat. The quality of materials, construction, and performance are top notch for the price paid (130 Brazilian reals)  and I would definitely recommend MLT to anyone looking for a new petti – just keep in mind that Tai is very backed up with orders so you might have to wait.

Shopping Experience: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Overall Score: 5/5

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