Friday, 20 October 2017

Moi-même-Moitié @ Girlism Fashion Festa 2017: New Accessories!

Just a brief post about some recent Moi-même-Moitié activity for you guys...
Girlism, a Chinese lolita publication, is hosting their second annual Fashion Festa event on October 28th. Moitié is one of the brands that was invited along! This will be their second Chinese event in recent memory (check out my previous post). The brand expressed on their Weibo that they have a lot of interest from Chinese fans and hope to attend more events, which could potentially be a huge boon for them. Speaking of which - if you aren't following Moitié on Weibo, make sure to add them since it looks more active than the Twitter and Instagram pages.

Anyway, I was surprised to see Moitié featured at another Chinese event so soon after Hello Lolita...not only because the brand typically avoids overseas events, but simply because it's in China. From my observations from Instagram, Taobao, and Weibo, Chinese lolitas are predominantly sweet/classic, and the gothic/ouji styles available tend take their stylistic cues from cuter and more youthful gothic brands like Alice and the Pirates or Royal Princess Alice, rather than the major gothic/aristocrat brands like Atelier Boz, Atelier Pierrot, and Moitié.

That being said, China has also produced some formidable gothic brands like Krad Lanrete, Dark Box, and Ecailles de Lune (let's just pretend that they are not associated with each other since they are 3 different styles/lines) that are more in line with Moitié's traditional gothic lolita aesthetics. Amastacia and Surfacespell also produce excellent quality gothic and aristocrat items, so there must be a significant market for the darker, classical gothic lolita style. Even when straying away from that style, Chinese gothic brands are WAY more experimental with themes and motifs.

Anyway, back to the actual event...

Here are a few pictures of the special items Moitié is bringing to Fashion Festa. In addition to the Sleeping Garden JSK in black x grey (Leftovers? Re-released?? Samples??? This print is pretty old!), a few colourways of Rose Cross, some coats that I can't recall he name one, and the Ornament Table bag, they will have 2 new hair accessories and a set of OTKs for purchase.

From top to bottom, roughly translated: Neo Gothic Arch Printed KC (5940 yen), Neo Gothic Arch Mini Flower KC (9720 yen), Blue Rose Jewelry Knee Socks (5940 yen)
As you can see, the headbow and canotier match the new Neo Gothic Arch print released earlier this year. For those of you who don't know, Neo Gothic Arch is a re-release of 2006's Gothic Arch print featuring new cuts, colourways, and a larger print. The headbow and canotier currently available in black x silver, with no other colourways announced yet.  The socks feature a blue and silver recolour of the Jewelry print released a few years ago, minus the rhinestones. There are a few other colourways in the works, including a black one! It doesn't look like these are available in the webshop or on CDJapan, and I don't know if these are sample items brought specifically for in-person events or if they will ever be available for sale online.

Still, this is some great news for Moitié. I hope the event is successful for them so that they can continue to move forward and appear at more overseas events. This is an excellent start!

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